1. Fold parchment to create large crease
  2. Dump desired amount of hash onto parchment paper
  3. Fold parchment to enclose hash
  4. Apply small amount of heat to make hash pliable
  5. Use tool to flatten hash into thin patty
  6. Cut hash into thin strips (flags)
  7. Grab tip of flag and pull quickly to lift
  8. Heat your banger to preferred temperature. (Recommended 425F-450F)
  9. Apply hash to side of banger for most surface area


Full Melt Hash is the pinnacle of concentrates and the hash makers choice smoke. Old school bubble hash meets new school tech as we isolate the best trichome heads to provide the highest melt grade and experience. The end result leaves the user with the best all-around flavor and high. Specific genetics and limited production makes this highly sought-after concentrate extremely rare, so be sure to store in a freezer to keep your product perfect for your next sesh!

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